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with Amy Moore | Interior Designer

Elevate your bathroom with a stunning basin! Amy Moore reveals the secrets to selecting the perfect basin style for your space. 🚰✨ #BathroomBeauty #HomeDesign

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What to expect

Guidance from Showroom Consultants: When you visit the showroom for your bathroom or kitchen renovation project, you can expect to receive expert guidance from our consultants. They will assist you throughout the entire process, from the initial stages to project completion.

Explore Product Options: Familiarise yourself with the showroom’s offerings to get a firsthand look at the wide range of products available. This allows you to see various styles, designs, and ranges, helping you make informed decisions about the fixtures and materials that best suit your vision and needs.

Personalised Guidance and Collaboration: Showroom consultations often form a great relationship with the consultants. Openly share your preferences, needs, and vision for your bathroom renovation. This collaboration ensures that the recommendations align with your goals.

Multiple Consultations: Recognise that sometimes, multiple consultations may be necessary to fine-tune your choices and ensure that the design and products align with your expectations. 

Experience the Products: One of the significant benefits of visiting a showroom is the opportunity to touch and feel the products. This hands-on experience allows you to assess the quality, finishes, and functionality of fixtures, aiding in your decision-making process.

Visiting the showroom provides you with valuable insights and assistance, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the available products and the guidance needed for a successful bathroom renovation.

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What to bring

Gather Essential Information: Before your showroom consultation, gather important information that will aid in the decision-making process. This includes:

  • Plans: Bring any existing bathroom plans or measurements to help the consultants better understand your space.
  • Inspiration: Bring photos or books showcasing bathrooms that you admire. This visual reference can provide valuable insights into your style preferences.
    Create a Digital Wishlist: Explore our Plumbing World website and create a wishlist of products that inspire you. This curated collection can be a helpful reference during your showroom consultation, allowing our consultants to better understand your style preferences and provide tailored recommendations.
  • Budget Estimate: Have an approximate budget in mind to guide product selections and recommendations.
  • Water Pressure Details: If possible, be aware of your home’s water pressure. This information helps in selecting suitable fixtures.
    Determining Water Pressure: To find out your home’s water pressure, consider reaching out to a plumber. A licensed plumber can measure the water pressure at your property and provide you with accurate information. Knowing your water pressure is essential as it helps in selecting suitable fixtures that perform optimally within your water system. Find a trusted plumber near you.

By adequately preparing for your showroom consultation and fostering a collaborative relationship with the consultants, you’ll be better equipped to make informed choices and create the bathroom you envision.

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