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Dos and don’ts

with Rob Teina | Plumber

Rob shares his top 5 tradie dos and don’ts for doing the job right – and keeping your clients and customers happy.

Walkthrough a 20-house Modern Development with Rob Teina | Plumbing World Helps


  • Check the client’s budget with them so you know what they can and can’t afford to do
  • Check the supplier stock levels so you know what’s available when you need it
  • Check the client’s timelines to set achievable targets with them
  • Notify the client of delays if they occur
  • Find out what is practical for the client and what the space is being used for 


  • Don’t over-promise and under deliver
  • If there are problems on-site, raise it and work out a solution – Don’t hope it just goes away
  • Never install a toilet directly in front of a bathroom door
  • Use tried and tested products, so you have confidence in what you are installing for the client
  • Don’t leave a job site messy – always clean up your mess.

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